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About Neosoft

A one-stop-solution tailored to your hospital’s unique needs

An integrated software which is build on the entire ecosystem of computer, tabs, mobile and tv to improve the efficiency of your healthcare organization.

Always Updating with Technology
Advancing healthcare industry with top technological trends to bring out the maximum efficiency, optimizing team performance and avoiding negligence.

Remove bottlenecks
Our software is best for sending reminders find out any gaps in the performance, figures out what went wrong and helps you take corrective measures yourself.

Say Yes to Enhanced Productivity!

Experience the Power of Kanban Agile Concepts and Personalized Dashboards for Seamless Task Management.

Discover NeoSoft

Know how NeoSoft can make every detail of your hospital accessible at your fingertips by providing you with a comprehensive overview of different departments.

01 Multiple menu shivam
02 Admission Dashboard
03 Billing working dashboard
04 Finance working dashboard
05 Lab working dashboard
06 Pharmacy working dashboard
07 Purchase working dashboard

Experience Seamless Navigation

The hospital management system has been digitalized on both web and mobile platforms

Doctor can view all the relevant information at one place

Web screens

Review your entire hospital on 45+ integrated modules with our software. You can manage connect and automate business process across your organization experience the simplified HMIS for your business

Income Module

Get a complete insight into your best revenue generation activities – department-wise and team wise


Out-patient Management

E- prescription


Ward Management

OT Management


Claim Management

Pharmacy Management

Lab Management

Blood Bank

Detailed MIS Reports

Canteen Management

Linen Management

Home Request

Expense Module

Know where all your money is going and make empowered decisions about cost optimization



Supply Chain

Work Order Management

Leave Management

HR Management





Patient Feedback

Risk Management

IT Management

EMRs Module

Access all the medical reports through our app

ER Management

Consulting EMR

Ward DMO

Ward Nurse


ICU Nurse


PICU Nurse

Obstetric EMR

Pediatric EMR





Transforming Healthcare for 20 Years

Discover How our Mobile App Serves Hospitals Big and Small

Doctor App

Doctors can get a complete insight into patient history and reports, appointment schedules, and medical prescriptions.

Vendor App

Track multiple vendors under one roof, especially purchase orders related to a myriad of pharmacy items.

Manager App

Manage hospital departments like Purchase and Admin with a single click on your mobile saving you valuable time.

Patient App

Increase patient efficiency with our all in one application to view invoices and reports, book appointments and provide feedback.

We are Better Here is Why

Neosoft: Your Empowered Hospital Software Tool for Managing your Team From Anywhere via PC, Mobile or Tab

Control center

Our control towers offer comprehensive departmental metrics to swiftly address any bottlenecks that may arise.

Uses Kanban Methodology

Kanban agile concepts are embedded in our software architecture where every department has a personalised working dashboard displaying pending tasks that require action. This ensures that no task is overlooked.

Total Solution Provider

One-stop solution to manage all financial transactions, schedule appointments, and access patient data while complying with all industry regulations to ensure data privacy and security.

What People Say

Know about our game-changing healthcare ERP solution through the words of our most valued clients

Dr.Prashant Kumar

Hospital activities like doctor-to-patient and all management fields are covered. Easily export all reports in Excel and send auto mail in PDF. Easy to use and customisable Mobile dashboard for very helpful for management and doctors.
Instant solutions.
Best backup support.
Reports and auditing: Very fast and accurate

Dr.Rajeev K

Excellent Hospital Management Software
I liked the feature of creating forms and reports through web tools. Now we can create our own reports and get faster results.
A) Easy to use and customizable
B) Track history of each and every transaction
C) Easily export all reports in Excel for any type of processing
D) Very User friendly


Fantastic Product. Great customer service. Ever-improving features. 100% cloud, so you can collaborate from anywhere with virtually any device (desktop and/or app). Web Reporting Tool has become an indispensable part of HMS.

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