Our Features

Our Income Computerization

Income Computerization Out patient
Blood Bank

Advantages :-

No Pilferage
No Editing Option
We follow banking system so income is completely safe - guarded.

Our Expense Computerization

Expense Computerization Auto Stock System
Doctor Accounting
Back Office Inventory
Central Purchase Management
Asset Management
CSSD (Central Sterile Services Department)

Advantages :-

Auto Stock System - All suppliers are mailed/SMS the requirement of the hospital. Our Medical Software identifies the supplier based on rate comparison and places the order.
Payroll: Salary slips are mailed to Staff.

Our Back Office Computerization

ffice Computerization Financial Accounts
Auto Income Vouchers
Auto Journal Vouchers
Auto Cheque
Cost Centers
Apps for Android and iPhone
Referral/Organisational Logic
Panel Cell for TPA's

Advantages :-

No need of other softwares like Tally etc.
Auto Income Vouchers: System decides with vendor to be paid based on credit process.
Panel Cell System reminds of bills not sent to the TPA.

Our Marketing Features

Marketing Features Dashboard Login/Apps
Referral Doctor SMS
Apps for Appointments
Online Reporting

Advantages :-

Every patient is given a login in the software

Our EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

Our EMR Doctor Information System
Auto Prescription
DMO Login
Doctors Login
Dedicated Software

Mobile App for Patients
ICD 10

Advantages :-

Everyday DMO has to write daily medical note in the software. Our Hospital ERP will lead eventually to Auto Discharge Summary.

Dedicated dashboard for patients report views which gives all abnormal values on a single screen

Our Automation Process

Automation Process Auto Issue
Auto Purchase Order
Auto Indent
Auto Balance

Advantages :-

Procurement of stock (Medical/Non-Medical) is done automatically by system by identifying the requirement based on consumption and places Purchase Orders based on best rates available in quotations.
No manual intervention in the whole process and supplier is intimated by email and SMS on daily basis.

Our Modules

  • @Smspl Shivam Medisoft's Vice President shares his insight on Role of Mobile app in HMS industry. Follow the link and on page 72-73:- http://issuu.com/medgatetoday/docs/web_medgate_may-june2015

    10 June 2015
  • @Smspl After success in Nagpur, Maharashtra Shivam Medisoft continues its invasion in the states of Kerala and Madhya Pradesh...

    10 June 2015
  • @Smspl Shivam inaugurated Vijaywada branch last month and retained its old clients in the area..

    9 June 2015

Shivam Medisoft Services Pvt Ltd

Shivam Medisoft Services Private Limited
2nd floor, Pooja Plaza
Plot # C2/A2 & Plot # C1, Vikrampuri Colony
above Vac's Patisserie, Vikrampuri Colony gate 2
Karkhana, Hyderabad
Telangana - 500009

  • Phone Number:+91 - 40 - 7104 4477
  • Email: support@shivammedisoft.com
  • Website: www.shivammedisoft.com
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